by Castleship

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released November 7, 2012



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Castleship Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Saying Hello (Feat. Aly Morie)
At three
we'll turn to see
all the lights dim low in the city
You've got mountains and I'm the...

After six o'clock
all the drunks come out
you're scared of what they do
they make noise and shout
I'll keep the bugs away
i'll keep the bugs a...

Prayed so hard on a car ride home
an inch away from your telephone (calling you)
Made a wish by a cold star bright
there wasn't even one star that night
kept wishing your head had a...

Just calling to say hello
Track Name: Jhongwhin
Never had it happen like that
the bugs were flying our cars
I was really scared of you
your eyes were shooting like stars

What did you say when the bottle came up?
were you ashamed of the things you've seen?
You hesitated when they called you out
were you afraid they'd think you obscene?

You promised not to leave my side
the day that we were born
everybody was surprised
that we could still perform
Held our hearts close to our clothes
we knew our hearts were worn
Kept our secrets deep inside
our secrets kept us warm
Track Name: Forksheald
Wait dear
I'm on the sidelines
Did you forget that I've been gone
a year ago
Had no idea
you used your memories
you think of me when you've been lonely in the night

I made those faces for you
You kept in the city light
Pretended you got a clue
I looked for you the whole night

I've been seeing you hungry
Hate me
do what you want
but this ain't working
I'm setting shop up in the sky
Track Name: In My Mind
I hear you whispering
you can talk so much
Is he okay?
does he need any attention?

The answer is yes
I'm quite obsessed
I don't know who you are
or how you're here but you're coming near

'Cuz I killed you
in my mind
you're the closest thing
i could find

My brain is a scary place for her
there's things that I cannot put to words
I'll hold it in with all my might
I may have given them a fright
I may started this whole fight

If this is real life
I hoped it is
I have a tree that's hanging over this apartment

If you were caring
you wouldn't hurt me
I would be fighting for you baby
in my army

My brain is a scary place for her
there's things that I cannot put to words
I hold it in with all my might
I may have given her a fright
I may have started this whole fight
Track Name: Planeroad
Don't leave this room
It's not safe to be outside
they keep their complements out there
and at this hour
their hands turn into knives
this is not where I come from

Next time
I'll be coming home for real
but you won't see me the same way

People fall away
every day
I won't
But i can't promise anything
Make this the last room you
watch them die in
and i won't care

Please let them paint
their slow motion things
in the sky tonight
Track Name: Bellarhino
You're much too shy about
opening doors love
I watched you take an hour considering the act
We'll follow circles, block out demons
in my brain-kin
I write the songs about the troubles that you had
Who told you make him tell you something very telling
I'll tell you something you ain't never heard before

When you were sleeping
i was watching
we were drawing
we made a picture that is hanging in your home
I left my hat next to your pillow in my hurry
I made a prayer inside your head
"You stay alone"
Track Name: Cyamara
Swimming underneath
I feel soft and out of breath
i never thought my teeth would
crave a frame so full of pain

I've felt like this before
the lights are dimming low
and all my dreams are
fading out of focus
but your face can't get any clearer

I'm like the place that you are
Say goodbye
I'll see you when the sun goes down
you stay so very far (away)
I'm better off but so (in pain)
Track Name: Faythous
Through the cracks
I saw it mess you up
You were crushed
but he kept pushing

Feel the power
for an hour
He closed his eyes
says "i'm too tired"

I can't do the same for you

I can hold you down
But it would break my wind to bruise you
You can stick around
But all I do is try to lose you

In the storm
you're talking every word
So silently
And it cannot be heard
I try too hard
I started wrong
and in the yard
I sang a song

Through the fire
and melted wires
I saw a ghost
but not desire
I'm just yelling to you
so you can see i'm calling