Dino (EP)

by Castleship

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released May 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Castleship Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Trust Me
What day was it?
Was the sun even shining?
I don't remember

I say it because we're so good at lying
With worst of memories

Filled with love
Buying time
Had enough
You're still mine

I don't understand
how you love her so
I had thoughts like that
and let the world know

Oh, letting go
is harder in the morning
Oh, I'm so
Sorry that it's boring

I don't know what you think
I don't know what I thought
You been saying some things
that I never got
I want a house in your head
You want to move away
Why do I get so upset
when you hide your brain
Track Name: Duckface
Who are you?
What have you done?
Where's the purple dress you brought from war?

In the meantime
cities are burning low
Fire in the river
Is this a home?
You don't think so

Father didn't care to warn you

Oh, we never got to see each other smile dear
Have to admit it's been awhile here
and my skin isn't getting younger

Don't be so afraid of killing everything
There's people do it every single day
and they've got ones that say that they're okay

Father never cared to warn you
Track Name: Scales
I can't feel my skin
they burned it off
I can't let it in
'til everything is lost

Holding hands and getting tired
don't you like it right here?
You can't leave so just stay

Ooh, I'm losing hold of you
Ooh, I should have told you

I don't know how you hold it in
You hold it in
If you could know
you'd just begin
Those people know...
I know they know the coldest sins
I want to say you make me pray
but always grin... Always grin
I don't know how you hold it in

Ooh, I'm losing hold of you
Ooh, I should have told you